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Putti Forms helps businesses mobilise workflow and streamline their business. Turn your manual, email and paper based processes into productive applications in minutes
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Easy to use Form builder

Have multiple forms stored in the same place. Only allow certain users to view/edit each form

View forms on any device including smartphones, tablets and desktops with Window 10

Create simple, easy to use forms with our simple drag and drop style editor

Business Solutions

Health & Safety

Intelligent apps for Health and Safety

Improve Productivity

Eliminate manual based processes and enable mobility by getting access to your data on any device

Digitise Manual Processes

Build your own forms and make them available across departments and divisions, no need for IT specialists

Save Costs

Improve the speed, accuracy and productivity of staff, update the app in real time

Data Collection

Collect data with surveys, checklists and application forms

Save Time and Reduce Errors

Manual entry into systems requires time and money and reduces efficiency

API integration

Integrate into your existing back-end systems through simple API connectors and leverage existing IT investment

Universal Device Support

Works on anything including desktop browsers and native apps for Android, iOS and Windows in handsets and tablets

Human Resources

Simplify processes and ensure compliance

Health and Safety

Create forms that ensure compliance strict Health & Safety laws

Simplify Processes

Manage and simplify complex processes including recording of timesheets and staff information

Mobile Advantage

Native mobile apps enable data to be stored offline in mobile environments and synchronise when online

Easy to Setup and Distribute

Setup forms in minutes and start collecting submissions

Native apps

Access your forms from a variety of devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops


Drag and drop a huge range of UI components available for any form type


With multiple levels of security you can trust that the data you collect is safe and secure


Choose whether you distribute your form publicly or privately

Easy integration

Integrate into any database with custom APIs


Save data in your database, email or print reports

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